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WebHostingHINTS.com - About Us

WebHostingHINTS.com is made up of numerous websites and services, based in San Mateo, California, also called Silicon Valley.

  WebHostingHINTS.com is a worldwide company with representatives in United States and Canada, offering shared, dedicated and enterprise-grade solutions. WebHostingHINTS.com success has not come by chance. Rather WebHostingHINTS.com success is due to our strong management team coupled with intelligent product design and strong customer support.

  WebHostingHINTS.com was established in the early 2000s as a web hosting firm, to serve a number of our own Internet web sites.

  For WebHostingHINTS.com, the concept then and today, was to offer Web Hosting at a cost-effective, flexible means of setting up, monitoring and maintaining web sites that included advanced features like online shopping and database functionality. Additionally providing an infrastructure and interface tools that allowed web developers to focus on the job of web design.

 Our history of being on-line started March 15, 1984, as HINTS BBS an on line Bulleting Board System. In March 1994, HINTS BBS registered the domain name HINTS.com initially to handle Internet email of HINTS BBS. For at the time, Internet email was a relatively new thing.  As the Internet became a viable tool and out dating the local BBS concept, HINTS BBS was shut down in 1996. Note that HINTS BBS was off shoot of sfPCC (san francisco Peninsula Computer club). PCC was one of the early Computer Clubs located in the Silicon Valley area.
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  Toward the late 1990s, Web Site Design was added to WebHostingHINTS.com services. Web site design was specialized in Web Site "White Label" work. White Label web design means that the design firmr's name is not listed on the developed website.

 Since then WebHostingHINTS.com has added representatives in United States and Canada, extending our business in offering shared, dedicated and enterprise-grade web site solutions.

  Today, WebHostingHINTS.com provides a few different hosting solutions.  The most popular WebHostingHINTS.com solution being our ALL in ONE Plan.  This plan goes well beyond basic web hosting. WebHostingHINTS.com a ALL in ONE Plan focus is so that BIG or small businesses get their website up and running without adding staff for either the clients website initial design or re-design.

  WebHostingHINTS.com aspires towards the highest levels of professionalism, in association with acting as a reliable web hosting provider that is also efficient and results-orientated.
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   If you have any questions, email Sales@WebHostingHINTS.com.


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